Top 5 ways to make a living from home

People’s personal circumstances vary and sometimes we need a way to earn money while based from home.

Whether you’re looking to fund your student lifestyle, a parent with young children, making ends meet between jobs or looking to boost your retirement income, here is my top 5 ways to make a living from home.

Promote your talents for hire

You can use your talents and skills to make money from home on websites like People Per Hour and Fiverr.  There are lots of people and businesses in search of one-off jobs in media, design, translation services and web disciplines. You can promote your talents and rates, and choose whatever jobs you can fit around your schedule. It’s also a great way to build a portfolio while searching for your dream job.

It’s not just high level skills that are in demand. People are offering remote office assistance by doing tasks from typing or the complete role of virtual assistant. Other services range from providing voiceovers to product reviews.

Become a freelance writer

This is one of the most popular ways to make money from home but it takes dedication as well as talent to succeed. There is good money to be made if you are able to provide high quality writing and buyers range from offline magazines to blogs and websites.

You can make around £50 per article and more for having top 10 lists accepted on sites like Listverse and TopTenz but you’ll want to create a portfolio of more serious writing if you hope to win more interesting and lucrative assignments. A personal blog and LinkedIn profile are the obvious places to start.

Private Tutoring

With the right education and training qualifications you can offer private tutoring from home. There’s a demand for private tutors to help students at every level from Primary Level to Degree Level and also for Professional Examinations.

There’s also a rise in online tutoring and training which opens the door to higher earnings than one to one teaching.

Youtube offers an alternative for those with a penchant for explaining things to people but lack any formal qualifications. Channels with interesting, instructional videos can be monetised through advertising and sponsorship if they attract a large following.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good presence on social media or have a blog or website, you can start earning money almost immediately by affiliating with companies to promote their products, services and offers. Affiliate networks such as Affiliate Window and Webgains feature a wide variety of merchants and you can apply to those which best suit your audience and content.

You apply to each merchant via the network’s website and once accepted, receive a link to share. If someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, typically within 30 and 90 days, you’ll receive a commission.

Companies find affiliate marketing a great way to generate leads and are getting better all the time at converting leads into sales. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts talking about popular

Offer Bed and Breakfast

Renting out the spare room is a good way to bring in some extra income. The government’s Rent a Room scheme lets you earn up to £7,500 per year tax-free letting out furnished accommodation.

It’s easier to find long term lodgers and flatmates around city centres while there are plenty of students who want to be off campus in University towns. Airbnb and Wimdu specialise in short term lets and are ideal if your home is near an airport, city centre or tourist hotspot and you want to offer a cheaper alternative to local hotels.


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