How to make money working from home

There are many reasons why someone would want to make money working from home. It could range from a change of circumstance like being made redundant, to the stay-at-home mum looking for part time work or simply as a way to save up the extra money for a special treat.

Many companies have recognised the benefits of employing staff to work from home and recruitment agencies and websites advertise full-time and part-time vacancies for home jobs. But if those jobs are out of reach or don’t meet your personal needs, there are other ways earn money working from home.

Advertise your talents

You can use your existing talents and skills to make money from home. Websites like People Per Hour and Fiverr are connecting those in search of one-off jobs in media and web disciplines. Provide remote office assistance by doing some typing or expand your role to virtual assistant. Other services range from providing voiceovers to product reviews. Promote your talents and rates, and choose whatever jobs you can fit around your schedule.

Etsy has millions of visitors buying and selling all types of handmade items if crafts are more your thing. It’s a great place to sell on the product of your hobbies.

Make Money Blogging

Millions of people have taken to writing about their hobbies and interests in personal blogs. You can make money from your blog by advertising related products and services. Sell space for direct ads and/or use ad networks like Google Adsense. Bloggers can also earn revenue from sponsored content, product reviews, in-content pay per click, text link ads and article submissions as well as being paid per view for video content via sites like Viral Planet.

Sell your unwanted items

Sell off those unwanted items you have lying around the home. eBay has become a multinational corporation on the back of people buying second hand goods and there are other alternatives too. Cash4books will give you money for your old books and you can sell the empty bookshelf on Gumtree. Music Magpie started out buying unwanted CDs and has moved on to DVDs, mobile phones and electronics. Ziffit is another alternative offering a convenient way to sell off your clutter.

Get paid for doing online surveys

There are a number of websites which will pay cash for helping with market research by filling out online surveys. It won’t make you rich, but takes very little effort to sit at a computer filling out simple forms.

The top UK websites for online surveys are i-Say, Swagbucks, MintVine, Prolific Academy, GlobalTestMarket, PopulusLive and Crowdology.

There is enough diversity to satisfy people who want to pocket some extra cash or considering working from home as a full time career. Do a little research and find the best way for you to earn money working from home.


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