9 ways to make money online

More and more people are turning to the internet and looking for ways to make money online. It may be to boost the monthly household income and afford some extra treats, a means of getting into work or to shake off the shackles of employment and go freelance.

If you believe this is the year to take the plunge, here are 9 ways to make money online in 2016.

Go freelancing

Become a freelancer, either in your spare time or full time. Websites such as People Per Hour and Fiverr allow you to showcase your skills and sell your time by the hour or task. Members from all sorts of disciplines, like web design, web development, graphics design, photo editing, video animations, voiceovers to product reviewers, typists and virtual assistants are connecting to people looking to pay for those skills.

Create a Youtube channel

Make your own videos and publish them on Youtube.  Opt to have ads play before your videos and you’ll money for each video view. Specialise in a niche, it could be games or product reviews, informative or how to videos, lifestyle videos or an entertaining vlog. Become an authority that people want to watch and engage with and you could make lots of money.

Create a blog

You can start a blog with free hosting and templates on blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger. Success will depend on your talent for writing and the popularity of your subject. You can make money from visitors clicking on Google Adsense advertising links, backlinks and affiliate links to services and products associated with your blog.

Become an online seller

Sell unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree. If you have an eye for a bargain, use these sites to resell items you’ve bought and make a profit. For those with a creative hobby making handcrafted items, you can make money selling them online. Check out Etsy to find the best fit for your product or for inspiration if you fancy starting a new hobby that could become a good earner

Write an e-book

Fancy yourself as an author? You can self-publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform to launch a career as a fictional or non-fictional writer. If writing a book is too ambitious, there are websites offering freelance assignments to suit aspiring and experienced writers.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is usually associated with visiting stores and restaurants to provide feedback on customer service.  There are companies who only focus on online assignments or it can also be done over the phone.  Check out websites like Red Wig Wam, Market Force and Grassroots plus you can use apps such as Field Agent, Roamler, Streetspotr and iPoll which will alert you to nearby assignments while you are out and about.

Complete Online Surveys

Companies are prepared to pay people to take surveys in order to gather consumer data. Taking surveys doesn’t require any specialist skills and lets you make some money for sharing your opinions.  You will find online surveys at websites such as Cashback Research, Prolific Academic and MintVine.

Promote products and services on Social Media

Build up a big following on Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can promote products and services via affiliate programs and get a share of the sales generated by the links you share.  Some retailers will pay you in cash or gifts for promoting their organisation on your social media pages.

Go Comping

If you can’t make money, you can always save some and entering competitions can land lavish holidays, swanky gadgets and the latest tech without spending a penny. Giving away big ticket items through competitions is a cheap way for companies to advertise their products. With luck, you could win a car, travel the world and boost your balance by entering as many competitions as possible.  Head over to Money Saving Expert where there is a large community of ‘compers’ sharing tips and tricks for success.


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